Monday, April 2, 2012

Should You Have a Baby?

Wanting something does not make it ethical. No matter how much you want a baby, before you create a life, consider:

Your physical preparedness: contrary to what we were taught in high school biology, our DNA does change. The healthier you are when you conceive, the healthier the DNA you pass on to your offspring will be. In many ancient cultures men and women spent a year or more maximizing their physical health before breeding. This person you want to create will have much of his life determined by how healthy you are when you conceive him. Consider your current state of health and your potential child--would it be kind for you to conceive him now or, out of respect for him and desire to give him the very best you have to offer, would it be better to spend the next year getting healthier? So many children today are born retarded, autistic, emotionally imbalanced, with physical deformities, allergies, eye problems, crooked teeth, infertile... the list goes on and on. Whether or not you have a perfectly healthy child or a mess is not luck, it is a choice.

Your financial preparedness historically, inability to support a child financially was the number one reason people chose to remain childless. Rational people take responsibility for their lives and do not expect the government or their mothers to bail them out. It would be unkind and disrespectful to your child and whomever was forced to take responsibility for your child if you were to have a child for whom you could not provide.

Your emotional preparedness: the world has enough people who suck. It is not ethical to contribute another irrational ass hole to the human population. You will neither make your life happier or your child's life a good one if you are emotionally infantile. Wanting to have a child is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth--have you taken it? Would it be ethical to wait until you have a needy baby wailing and not getting his needs met before you realize you need therapy? Or would the wise decision be going now, growing first and then breeding, respecting your child before you conceive him?

Rational people know that the only thing they should do with their lives is follow their own bliss--as long as it does not negatively impact other people. Your baby is an "other." If you know you suck in a way not mentioned above, your choice to force your suckiness onto that innocent child is not ethical.

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