Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cool, Sexy, Fun Anarchy - part 2

I often wonder if I should be directing any energy at this blog. There is so much fabulous AMLOV (anarchist, minarchist, libertarian, objectivist, voluntaryist) thought out there--is there really a need for yet more thought, however awesome? I do think it is important that I continue to write about the connection between our parenting styles and the society we create but I keep thinking that AMLOV's lack:

1) AMLOV businesses to support: AMLOVs seem themselves as a persecuted people always in danger of being outed, like Jews before WWII. For the most part, they don't feel safe admitting their political identification. This is understandable, but tragic. It does not serve us to hide from one another. Especially financially. AMLOVs, despite their sound economic principles, are not a wealthy demographic. Given the choice, every time I hire a worker, I would rather hire a like-minded person. So would most people. I spent the last ten years working for the uber-wealthy of the Los Angeles area. Every family that I worked for attended some type of religious service and had a church or synagogue directory that they kept on hand. Whenever it was time to hire anyone for anything, they first turned to their directories. I wish I had the opportunity to do the same. I wish there were an airbnb for freedom lovers to crash at each other's houses. Perhaps even just an international magazine--you know all those little ads in the back? Maybe that would be enough.

2) Ways to enjoy life and community with one another: the Free State Project and the Blue Ridge Liberty Project and the gulches being started around the world are doing this but I would also like to see private AMLOV dining clubs in the five major US cities. I'd also love to see (in the major cities) housing situations that would inspire community. Here in LA I would do a Twenties Dorm. It would be styled just like a college dorm but would be for people right out of college that have the financial savvy to know that they need to spend a few years saving before they should splurge on furniture and entire apartments. Imagine graduating from college and being able to rent a room in a dorm with other hard working twenty-somethings. It would be a great place to meet people, extremely affordable and since most twenty-somethings are working long hours there is no need for them to also maintain entire houses, or even purchase furniture. There could even be a health-oriented dining hall on the first floor where they could eat, they could live on the really cheap floors with communal bathrooms or splurge and have one of the apartments with a kitchenette and its own bathroom. There could be a business office on the bottom floor with fax and photo copy machines and entrepreneurs to give advice. There could be philosophy lectures.... I imagine the same set up for young families. Modeled after the state-supported Family Hotels in Scandinavia, there could be an apartment building designed specifically for families. Same idea, healthy dining on the bottom flood, parenting advice and classes, even a RIE style daycare to show parents how to treat their children respectfully. There are enough books about how to respect children, what we need are businesses!

3) AMLOV entertainment: there is almost no philosophically sound entertainment out there. There are almost no children's books that I don't cringe at for some reason or another when I want to read to my son. On YouTube there is some stand-up comedy but no fiction. Fiction is what reaches our emotional brains and mythologizes our values and belief-systems. I'd love to start a Cool Sexy Fun Hip magazine. I'd call it Freedom Culture or something like that. It would serve much the same purpose as many of the blogs out there--it would be a treasure trove of information about what likeminded people are thinking and doing. Perhaps there would be a YouTube morning show so that AMLOVs could get their current events infotainment from each other. Perhaps the SchoolSucksProject would have a weekly or monthly article and Stefan would host an evening interview.

If anyone wants to give up their blogging and go into business down any of these roads, email me :)