Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Do I Get So Much Reading Done?

People keep asking me how I get so much reading done while having a toddler at home--here is the answer:

1) I always have a book on my iPhone to listen to while I am in the car (but only books that I don't think I will need to refer to later in lectures or blog posts as those I need to read and underline all over)

2) I always have a book with me for all those times when I am ready to go and my toddler isn't. 95% of the time I don't mind staying longer at wherever we are if I can be reading. Many times when I arrive somewhere my son is asleep. I like to let him wake on his own so I can often be found sitting in my car in a parking lot happily reading.

3) I don't own a television. It's kind of insane how much time it frees up! I watch a lot of documentaries--while I am cooking in the kitchen. When I am relaxing I generally turn to my books.

4) I read whatever I am reading out loud to my son. Most of the time he is not interested for more than a few pages but... a few pages every day adds up.

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