Sunday, September 22, 2013

Science Experiment Update

Raising my son this way is something I have been planning for ten years, he is the sole subject in this study I am doing about how children would behave if raised differently so I enjoy reading Standard American Parenting books about how he would be behaving if he were being raised "normally." Here are some "normal" behavioral phases that my son never went through--

-The "no" phase. Anders didn't even use the word "no" until he was 23-months old. He uses no to answer questions I ask him about whether he wants something or not and to dislike reality (when he hurts himself he sometimes says with great sadness, "Noooooooo." "No" is not a power word for him the way it is for some children.

-The running-away-from-mom-straight-into-danger phase. My son knew about "hot" things when he was around 10-months-old. He knows when a stove is hot and when it's not. If you tell him that a stove (or fireplace) is dangerous and hot when it's not because you think he can't tell the difference--he will immediately seek to touch it to ascertain what he suspects: that you are lying. After that, it's over. He won't trust you anymore and will seek to find out for himself whether things are dangerous or not. (I discuss this more in my post

Still waiting to see if we ever get a "mine" phase, a "I do it myself" phase or tantrums or basic rebelliousness/meanness/expressions of personal power (My son will is currently 23 months.) Will keep you updated. 

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