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Friday, January 10, 2014

Facebook and a Conversation with my Two-Year-Old:

I use Facebook as a medium through which I share my "anthropological studies" of my son. I try to record our more interesting conversations verbatim and take videos of him just being him, not videos of me asking him to perform like a monkey. I find these things fascinating and have often wondered if I should share them here too--would the readers of this blog enjoy these real life examples of the philosophy they read about? If you would, feel free to friend-request me on Facebook!

Here is an example of what I posted on Facebook today--it reminded me of a post I wrote not long ago about how much more connected I feel to my son than children his age who tell me their are Batman and then run around trying to defeat bad guys. These are the kinds of things a two-year-old who is obsessed with reality ask--

[Last night, pitch black, Anders and Mama cuddle and talk about their day before going to sleep.]
Anders: Bees hungry?
Mama: Yes, I think so.
Anders: Bees like scrambled eggs?
Mama: I don't think so. You like scrambled eggs when you're hungry, but I think bees like the pollen in flowers and other sweet foods.
Anders: Bees fly. Bzzzzzz. Ducks fly. Fish fly?
Mama: No, fish don't fly. But they can jump very high.
Anders: Fish jump. Jumpin'! Jumpin' fly. Fish jump fly.
Mama: Yeah, fish do look like they're flying when they jump. You're thinking of the dolphins we saw today.
Anders: Chickens fly?
Mama: No they don't and it's tricky because they do have wings just like ducks and the other birds, but chickens can only glide a little bit; they can't fly.
Anders: Horses! Horses jump. Hooooorrrrsses! Horses floss?
Mama: Horses have teeth like us, but they don't floss. 
[Mama hears the heavy breathing of her toddler fast asleep.]


  1. Please post more as not all your loyal listeners have the Book of Faces. And we like these little windows into the young master's life.

  2. Interested to read more as well, either on FB or this blog.