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Monday, January 20, 2014

Field Notes - Fantasy Play

At the age of 2 years 3 months, here are some of the things Anders has pretended:

-He got into bed, put the covers on and told me he was very tired and needed to rest. He grabbed a book and pretended to read for about 20 minutes while resting (practicing what Mom does when she feels tired)
-He spent about five minutes gathering a collection of tools and then told me the lamp was broken and he had to fix it. He spent about 20 minutes fixing the lamp, occasionally telling me he had the wrong tool and needed me to hand him a different one (Anders hands Papa the tools he needs while Papa fixes things)
-Anders pretended a tool was a train and drove it all over the bed
-Anders told me he was going on a trip on a plane and told me goodbye and he would be back (similar to interactions with Papa)
-Anders asked for money and a purse and put monty into the purse and told me he was going home over and over for about twenty minutes (the interaction he sees between me and our housekeeper)
-Anders made a large stack of lids and said he had made a big chicken house

*Note that he has never been exposed to fantasy, so this is all him, practicing real life and specifically real life that he has seen i.e. he has ridden on both trains and planes

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