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Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review - Super Parents Super Children

*My book reviews are not like my other blog posts in that they are a brain-dump rather than a well-formulated essay. They are my notes [for me] from a recent book I finished. *

What a breath of fresh air! Most parenting books written today are heavy with fear (like the evening news). This book was the opposite. I have never come across a book that had so much common sense or approached things in such a similar way to how I approach things (like looking to hunter-gatherers to see what "normal" human sexuality might be like).

I recommend this book for everyone just because it is so shocking in it's laissez-faire attitude about almost everything when it comes to kids. It is also the only parenting book that I have come across that is openly Libertarian and starts its parenting arguments with a political one--that the use of force is bad.

It should be noted that, similar to It's Ok Not to Share, Kendall seems unaware that attempts to control are attempts to control are attempts to control. All attempts to control yield the same unfortunate results, whether the attempt uses violence or hatred or ignoring or what-have-you. So--enjoy this book but completely ignore any advice she gives on the rewarding or punishing of children. Read Punished by Rewards or Choice Theory or Non-Violent Communication to understand relating to children (and all people) in a healthier way.

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