Friday, February 14, 2014

Conversation With My Two-Year-Old

*T is Anders's "Godfather"--though we do not use that word. P is his girlfriend. They have been good friends with Anders since he was born. Each year when Tom and I attend a particular work function, T babysits. Here is a transcript T shared with me of him (and P) putting Anders to bed last week at a hotel in Laguna Beach.

[Anders, T and P sit in a darkened room preparing for bed time. Earlier in the evening, Anders noticed some surfboards in a hallway shortly before bumping into his parents in the lobby. T is trying to get Anders to consider lying down. Anders is sitting in a chair against a wall. T and P are lying on the bed against the opposite wall.]

T: Anders, would you like to come and lie down?
A: I want to see Mama and Papa.
T: I understand you want to see Mama and Papa. Mama and Papa are still at their party and it is only for the adults. Mama and Papa are coming home after the party. Are you feeling tired?
A: Yes... I want to see the surfboards.
T: Okay, I would be willing to take you to the surfboards if you'd consider lying down and resting when we got back.
A: Okay

[T, P, and Anders go see the surfboards for the third time that night. Anders is interested in the surfboards but also spends time looking up and down the halls expectantly for Mama and Papa. The trio return to the darkened room.]

T: Okay Anders, P and I are lying down because we're tired. Are you tired? Would you like to lie down?
A: I want to see Mama and Papa.
T: I understand you want to see Mama and Papa. They're still at the party. The party is for the adults. I was thinking maybe we'd just try lying down and resting. It's been a long day and you can see Mama and Papa when you wake up because they'll be back from the party by then.
A: ...
T: Let's talk about what we saw today. Let's see... we went to the beach with Papa and P and we saw the waves and the cold, cold water.... what else?
A: I saw a big, big helicopter!
T: That's right! That big helicopter came and flew by us and turned around and left. What else? Oh, we saw surfers in the water, and you said hi to some babies, and you showed us the moon.
A: The moon...
T: What else? Oh, we went to the restaurant together, and I had a lobster salad and you had a pork enchilada with beans.
A: And mints.
T: Oh yes, you had a handful of mints, too. What else...
A: Surfers jumping! (Anders is referencing a video that was projected on the wall of the restaurant, depicting surfers carving up waves.)
T: Yes, we saw the surfers jumping on the waves on the video at the restaurant... what else... Oh, we cleaned up and put on jammies and watched some movies together... What did we watch?
A: Fish! (Anders is referencing a documentary)
T: Yes that's right, we saw some killer whales and seals and other fish, what else?
A: We saw the bees! (Anders is referencing another documentary on colony collapse with honey bees)
T: Oh yes, we watched that documentary about bees.

[Anders gets up from his chair, stands at foot of bed.]

A: Bees dying.
T: Yes, the bees were getting sick from parasites and many of them died.
A: Bees making honey.
T: Yes, the bees made honey in their colonies...
A: Bees flying! BZZZZZZ!!
T: Oh yes, we saw millions and millions of bees flying through the air didn't we? What else...?

[Anders climbs onto the bed and sits at T and P's feet.]

A: Pig taking a bath!
T: Oh yes, we saw a pig taking a bath in that little video about baby potbelly pigs...
A: ...What else...
T: We saw the funny animal couples-- a cheetah and a dog, a lion and a coyote...
A: Liiiion..... kyotee!!
T: ...What else...

[Anders lays down on his side and faces T, props up his head on one hand like T.]

A: What else... saw a pig taking a bath... (Anders seems especially fond of this image, repeating it)
T: Yes, the pigs were having water splashed on them and they jumped in and out of the bath tub, what else...
A: Cows! Mooooooo!
T: Yes, briefly, we saw some cows. What else?

[Anders lies down on his back.]

T: Oh, remember you farted?
A (laughing): And you make fart sound...
T: Yes, I made a fart sound, like this... 

[T makes a fart sound with his lips. Anders and T laugh.]

A: Again!!

[T makes fart sound again. T and Anders laugh hysterically.]


[T makes fart sound again. T and Anders laugh hysterically... this repeats 3 or 4 more times, each time they laugh harder.]

P: Oh geez....
T: Oh no, I think I am too tired to do another one now. That's exhausting making that noise and laughing so hard...
A: ...What else...
P: You saw the pigs taking a bath...
A: Yeah, pigs taking a bath... what else..

[Anders yawns.]

T: We saw the airplane in the sky, moving so fast...
A: Tiny... tiny airplane... what else?

[Anders yawns again.]

T: We saw the sunset... what else...
A: ...What else...

[Anders and P are fast asleep.]

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