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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Conversation With My Two-Year-Old

Conversation With My Two-Year-Old:

[Anders and Mama sit at the table eating lox on toast for lunch. Anders grabs an onion off the top of Mama's toast.]

Anders: What's that?
Mama: Spanish onion
Anders: Taste it?
Mama: If you want to.

[Anders takes a tiny bite of the onion and makes a disgusted face.]

Anders: I don't like it!
Mama: I see that!

[Anders puts the onion back on Mama's plate. A moment passes. Anders takes the onion again and puts the whole piece in his mouth.]

Anders: Mmmmm, that's gooooood. I like that. Yuuuummy.

[Mama, so as not to start laughing, takes a bite of her sandwich and smiles and nods. ]

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