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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nursing Babies To Sleep is Awesome!

What will your future be like if your baby is "trained" to be nursed to sleep? Here is a conversation I had today with my 2.5-year-old:

Mama: Anders, we nursed a lot yesterday, so I don't want to nurse you to sleep at your nap time right now. Would you mind going on a walk instead?
Anders: I go on a walk in the stroller and then fall asleep and sleep in the stroller. 
Mama: I would really appreciate it.
[Anders goes to the other room to get his stroller. After we walk in his stroller for less than three minutes he is sound asleep.]

Standard American Parenting books caused me to be sooooo afraid of having a baby habituated to nursing himself to sleep. It has never been a problem. Not for babysitters and not for me. Many days he doesn't nurse to sleep anyway, he just climbs up into my lap and passes out. There is so much respect between us, so much effort to meet each other's needs... it's so beautiful. 

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