Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review -- Atlas Summit 2014 (conference)

The Atlas Summit is for freedom lovers who identify as Open Objectivists--meaning Objectivists who are open to Ayn Rand having been wrong about a few things, open to growth, and change.

Overall: Excellent
Organization: Excellent
Quality of Speakers (interesting, rational information prepared and presented well): Excellent
Food: Better than average (for a conference)
Location: Held at a beautiful country club, gorgeous
Ease of attending: Effortless, they provided all the information needed to enjoy the event with as little stress as possible
The Crowd: intellectual freedom lovers who value rationality and success
The Feel: happy, elegant, intellectual almost smothered by frustrated missionaries

This conference was a testament to human excellence and competence. I couldn't have enjoyed myself more (unless perhaps if my husband had been able to attend with me or if it had been longer or if there had been even more socializing opportunities....)

The only aspect of the conference that made me a little sad was the number of people there who seem like "freedom missionaries" rather than happy individualists pursing their good life. Too many people trying to change the world, trying to fix everyone else, trying to control. Ayn Rand said, "Do not work for my happiness, my brothers, show me yours." I would like that to be the theme of next year's summit.

I want to see all freedom lovers STOP dedicating their lives to The Cause and start ENJOYING their lives and doing awesome things. A perfect example of this is the talk I attended with Adam Guillette of the Moving Picture Institute. He wants to get a Libertarian onto every film set in the industry. He doesn't want to make amazing movies that Libertarians would love because, he insists, those wouldn't sell. This is like saying: I want to get a Black person into every movie ever made, that will change the world! Not making movies for Black people about Black people that Black people would actually, authentically enjoy. Wait... I have an alternate perspective. Screw the White people. Why have you dedicated your life to trying to change them, fix them, fit in with them? People don't watch White movies because they are White; they watch them because they are GOOD. If you make GOOD movies, people WILL watch them. Have you noticed the number of movies in theaters nowadays that have entirely Black casts? Have you noticed that it is not only Black people who attend those movies?

I would love it if all the freedom lovers moved to New Hampshire and then, never mentioned it again. The best way to change the world is not actually through control--government control, media control, education control, missionary style changes to society. Be awesome. Live an awesome life. Start a company like Google or Tesla just be an Objectivist. Who are Objectivists? Not the frustrated, social activists but the happy people following their dreams. That's how you change the world. That's how you inspire other people to be like you. No one wants to be like the miserable, frustrated missionary.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Modesty-Children Connection

Anders, age 2 1/2, is very interested in underwear right now. He has come to realize that Mama and Papa wear different types of underwear. He seems to have a solid hypothesis going on that boys wear underwear like Papa and girls wear underwear like Mama. Naturally, he studies this by asking everyone who comes over if they are a boy or a girl and what kind of underwear they wear.

This morning he asked my friend Andrew if he was wearing underwear. Andrew said he was and Anders asked if he could see it.

Random thought: there was a lot less modesty practiced throughout history, there was a lot more comfort with the human body, nakedness, etc. The Victorians changed all that and they could not have done it very well without simultaneously removing children from the world. It is really hard to be modest around children.