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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scenes with my Toddler

Anders is 2 years 7-8 months in these stories.

Scene 1:

Anders: Mama! Look at the spider! Come see!

[Mama comes to see what Anders is looking at.]

Mama: Oh, I see it. That spider has a small body and very long legs.
Anders: Yeah. He needs to trim his legs.

Scene 2:

I am working in my office. I hear Anders go into the bathroom, singing to himself the whole way: "I need to poop. Gotta poop. Got poop in my butt. Gotta poop in the toilet. Now I need to wipe my butt. Now need to shower. Taking a shower. Gotta clean my butt!"

I peek into the bathroom to see if what is going on is real or a game--it is a game. Anders is fully clothed in the shower, just practicing life.

Scene 3:

Mama: Let's go to the Indian restaurant and get dinner
Anders: Nooooo, that's not fun.
Mama: What about if we just pick up the food and take it home?
Anders: No. They're closed
Mama: Really?
Anders: We have ice cream for you.
Mama: Ooooh. You want to have ice cream for dinner! Okay, well, I really want Indian food. How about we have Indian food and ice cream? Then we can both get our needs met.
Anders: Yeah.... maybe later.
Mama: We can go to the Indian restaurant later? Like in 5 minutes or 20 minutes?
Anders: 5 minutes.
Mama: Sounds great!

Scene 4

It is the 4th of July. We are at a party. We have been there since 6pm having a great time hanging out and now it is around 8pm. Music goes on--very loud music.

Anders: That's loud.
Mama:  Yeah it is! It's going to get louder now. Soon, there will be more people here and fireworks. Anders: I'm ready to go home.
Mama: Okay, let's go.

[Mama and Anders get in their car and drive home. When they pull up at their house fireworks are going off! They are not very far away from their house and they are in three directions. Anders looks terrified.]

Anders: I'm scared! Hold me!

[Mama holds Anders while she opens the car door.]

Anders: Close the door! Close for loooong time. Don't open the door.
Mama: Oooh, because when I open the door it's louder.

[Mama holds Anders for a while. They watch fireworks from the car. Anders loves them but is also very scared.]

Mama: I have an idea! Let's call Papa!

[Anders and Mama call Papa. He comes outside to join them in the car. After ten or so more minutes watching fireworks in the car and having a wonderful time, the family heads inside. As soon as we are inside, the noises of the fireworks no longer bother Anders at all.]

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