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Thursday, September 18, 2014

What Anders Pretends

Anders plays a lot of pretend games. They are a little different from the pretend games other almost 3-year-olds play since he has never been exposed to fantasy. There are no dragons or superheroes in his head; all of his games have to do with the life he has lived.

Here are some the games he plays:

-He pours water in various cups into the bathtub and talks about how dangerous these things are and how no one should touch them. (This is from his experiences taking care of our pool with his Papa, adding chlorine and whatnot.)

-He pretends that he needs to build a water system. This involves making a long shopping list for home depot and getting all his tools organized. He generally builds the system out of string.

-He pretends that he has a good dog who is always looking for food. (This is from Boo, Robs dog, who lived with us for a little while and became Anders bff and then moved to New York. Anders misses him a lot.)

-He packs his suitcase and says goodbye to everyone and tells us about the trip he is going on.

-He pretends he is a scorpion that stings people. (This is from our weekly encounters with scorpions in Nicaragua. No one was ever stung but we talked about it a lot! We also watched some documentaries on scorpions afterward.)

-He pretends to be a mama bear getting food--fish--for her cubs. He also pretends to be a cub who has lost his mama. (From the Disney documentary on bears that we watched on the plane--and now watch once a month or so.)

-He pretends to call his friends or that his friends are coming over. He likes to invite them inside.

-He pretends to do the dishes, he spends hours making beds, and organizing drawers (though he is not competent in any of these tasks, these are definitely games not actual help for me for example, it may be more accurate to say that he spends a lot of time unmaking beds while discussing how one makes a bed.)

-He pretends that he has a baby boy to take care of who often wants a bath or to go to bed. 

-He pretends that he is a baby who can't walk or talk yet and needs to be cuddled and taken care of.

Here are some things he has babbled to himself:

"I went on an airplane. I catched my propeller airplane. It was on the ground and it landed and I caught it and my friends caught another one and flew with me."

[While playing with his trains and animals.] "Train to carry a pig not the donkey. No donkey. I gunna take a ride with donkey. No horsey. Horsey sad. No room for goat. A little bit of room." [He rearranges the train car so they can all fit.] "Soooo happy! I wanna play cars and trucks? Are you sure or nope?" [Then he makes car noises.]

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