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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Health Note - Cure for Asthma

Last summer I got a stomach flu that left me quite ill. After not being able to keep food down for ten days my brain went to mush and I went to a doctor seeking a solution. I told him no antibiotics and he said that was fine and gave me an anti parasite drug instead. Unfortunately, in the brain-fog I was in I did not research the drug or realize that there really is no difference between what I took and antibiotics.

The last time I took antibiotics I was in mu mid twenties. I noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin for a month or so following the antibiotics and then developed horrible acne. The acne lasted a year. I saw this clearly as my body getting back into balance. Seeing a physical representation of why antibiotics put my body though, I would only ever take them if it meant life or death.

So I am still kicking myself for the choice I made last summer. I was expecting acne, but I didn't get acne this time. This time I got adult onset asthma. Never having had asthma before it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with me. For quite  few months I thought I had anxiety and then other times thought it was allergies. The attacks got worse until I finally spent a sleepless night at a hotel struggling to breathe and reading everything I could on the internet until I realized that asthma was the problem.

I immediately decided that I needed to see a doctor and get an inhaler pronto. But then I started reading about the side effects, about how inhalers make it better now and worse in the long run, about all the ER visits for asthma sufferers. I started googling around for cures and solutions. That first night I didn't find any and was quite depressed.

But the attack ended and I got a few good nights of sleep and soon was back at my computer determined to find a real solution. And I did--I found two. The first is the GAPS diet, which I went on immediately and, as long as I follow it strictly, have no more breathing issues. The second is the Buteyko breathing techniques, which, if I am traveling or just really wanting to indulge in some junk food, also fix the problem--though breathing through an asthma attack is not nearly as nice as not ever getting an asthma attack.

Anyway, I have no idea how this story will play out. I developed self-diagnosed asthma and cured it in a time span of 6 months. Whose to say I even really had it? Considering I was able to survive all the attacks without an inhaler--did I really have any truly bad asthma attacks or were they all minor? Sometime in the next few months I, perhaps, will see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and if I do I will update this post. In the meantime, asthma, allergy, and sleep apnea sufferers out there--you should know that both GAPS and Buteyko (and especially combined) insist they can cure your problems and they did cure mine!

Cheers to cures!


  1. Ms. Ross,
    Did you intentionally delete my comment, or did it somehow fail to post permanently? Technology is not my strong suit; if you deleted it then that's your business, however if it didn't register altogether please respond, and I'll attempt to repost it.

    1. Hi, I thought your post was from a robot or something! It was very very long and from "Anonymous" so... yes I did intentionally delete it. I'm sorry for that--though I would like to request you post with your name rather than anonymous. I don't like anonymous posts. Unless they are simple complements, then I let them slide! :)

    2. Hello,
      Ah, no...the length represented many, many hours of personal research.

      I've never posted to a blog before, and I don't have a blog of my own. Will signing my own name to it satisfy your desire for it not to be anonymous, or will I need to first make a blog?