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Friday, February 5, 2016

Health Note - Fermented Turmeric Cures Eczema!

My husband has had eczema since I met him. It improved a lot when he switched from pasteurized dairy to raw, but it didn't go away entirely. It was maintainable as long as he didn't cheat and put tallow lotion on every day (tallow lotion was an improvement over regular lotions full of plant oils and chemicals).

A month ago I read a book on ginger because I make naturally fermented ginger soda and beers and wanted to learn more about it. The book had a paragraph about ginger's cousin, turmeric, and mentioned tonics made from turmeric cure eczema. We have turmeric growing wild all over our property, so Tom picked some and I made a "turmeric bug." I dipped a cotton round in it and put it all over the right half of Tom's face. The improvement was so clear after just two days that I started putting it on his whole face twice a day. He had a massive shedding of old skin and his skin now looks amazing. I don't know if this will cure his eczema or be part of a radically improved maintenance program, but for any of you suffering from eczema, try the following:

Turmeric Bug
Buy some fresh, raw turmeric.
Peel it.
Chop it into nice little 1/8" cubes.
Put 1 tsp of those cubes in a pint sized glass jar with a tight fitting lid.
Put the rest of the little cubes in a glass storage container in the fridge.
Add 1 tsp of regular white sugar (at my house we call this "bacteria food") to the pint sized jar.
Fill the pint sized jar with high quality (non-cholorinated) water all the way to the top leaving only about 1" of space for air.
Seal the pint sized jar and put it in a window to ferment.
Every day, add another teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of little turmeric cubes.
After three to five days you should see little bubbles in your jar and bacteria should respond when you feed it sugar with little soda-like bubbles.
As soon as it is active it ready!

You will need to keep feeding it to keep it alive, but you can be pretty lazy about it as bacteria are so hearty. Feeding it every three days should be fine.

Would love to hear if this helps other people!

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  1. I have a stepson who has moderate/severe eczema on his neck, inside of his elbows, top of his hands, sometimes on his face. I am going to try this for him. Hopefully it will help--I will post back here with results. I will also try putting him on some raw milk-based, homemade kefir.