Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Book Out!

I have a new book out! A philosophically-sound children's book! Hope ya'll like it :)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Camp Notes

Notes from the first 2 weeks:

-His math teacher at the camp told me that he is the second kid she has worked with (in 15 years of teaching) that has done the Montessori math and Kumon math combination and the two together are, "Genius! They complement each other perfectly!" If she had it to do over again with her kids that is exactly how she would have done it.

-And fantastic and unexpected news from his regular teacher as well! She informed me that Anders is not weird at all and you would never know he was homeschooled! Isn't that super? :)

Notes from the next 2 weeks:

-Anders love to play Legos, and when he does his imaginary people are generally building a farm and building airships--it perfectly mirrors his real life. His family is building a farm and his father dreams of building airships and the two of them study them together. He has come home from camp with a lot of "good guy" and "bad guy" talk and today while he was playing I overheard him say, "A bad guy breaks our fence and steals our cow!" This, I thought, is a child being raised in reality. And this scenario that he is rehearsing, is a real life scenario. The main crime where we live in Nicaragua is cow theft--and he knows that!

-His primary teacher told me that she has never met a kid as excited to "learn about everything" as Anders is. She wishes he was in her class all year long as he helps the other kids get excited too. (Enjoying learning is actually the rule among homeschooled/unschooled kids.)

-Last week Anders started behaving in some pretty annoying ways, doing things like sticking his tongue out right in my face and yelling in a really loud, high pitched way. (Homeschooled children SO much less annoying that schooled children!!!!) I asked him if kids at camp did these things, and he confirmed that they did. And not just any kids at camp, but a particular boy that he doesn't like who he says eats nothing but junk food for lunch. I asked him he thought it was funny or annoying when the boy did that to him, and he said annoying. I told him it was also annoying for me when he did it. I told him that I loved him and wanted to feel connected to him and when he did that I felt disconnected. Interestingly enough, it only took that one conversation and he has never done it again.

-While I was picking Anders up the other day I heard the most classic whining I have ever heard while a child was talking to his parent. It occurred to me suddenly that Anders has never whined. He negotiates with me for what he wants--and he is a very good negotiator--but he does not whine as if he is powerless.

Notes from the final 2 weeks:

-Anders now says, "I need to go potty," instead of "I need to go pee."