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Friday, November 11, 2016

In Search of a Good Family Model

*This post is a follow up to the much more thorough post discussing this idea

Happiness is loving the people with whom you share your life and feeling that your life has meaning. (Or rather contentment. "Happiness" as the goal is out.)

I have long been disturbed by the destroyed families created by the educational system and the current cultural myth that there is One True Job for each person and we ought to leave the place we grew up and the people who matter to us and pursue that One True Job.

I am especially disturbed by the myth that a man who takes over his father's company instead of being a pioneer in something new is "not his own man." Rather than the world envying him for being part of a successful, united, special family he is seen as lesser to the pioneer man who leaves his family and grows more and more distant from them over the years and eventually repeats that process with his children.

Not that having a family business that gets passed down doesn't have drawbacks. But unless one is truly called to leave their families and do something else, I currently see the family business as a more ideal way to raise children than the current model in which families go their separate ways and spend their lives rather lonely for an idea of family that doesn't exist for them.

One of the most exciting things I have stumbled across so far in this research is the following:

Families that have had the same business for 200 years--

Education on the special challenges of working with family--

I am planning to read many more books on this subject and will report back to you once I have a more firm conclusion. In the mean time, here is a review of an excellent book on the subject that I just finished!

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