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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why I am Not Posting a Lot Right Now

I have gotten a couple of emails from people asking me why I am not posting anymore and if I have quit the blog. The answer is, no, I love this blog! I have no intention of quitting it. However, I have a very important job (raising Anders) so whenever we get busy, this blog must take the back seat.

Also, I need to stop blogging so much if I ever want to finish my next book! But the fact is, I haven't had time to write at all because--

Last year we spent 9 months at the farm and 3 months at hotels in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. At the farm I have ample free time to write. But we didn't like Anders being at the farm during the dry season of March-May (too much sun) so this year we decided to leave the farm during that time. Because the dry season is followed immediately by the summer camp season in Los Angeles (June-August) we thought we would try a 6 months Nicaragua / 6 months Los Angeles split this year.

Six months is too long to spend in hotels, so we decided to rent a Los Angeles crash pad. We have lived in many different LA neighborhoods and hated all of them, so this time we decided to do an experiment. We stayed at AirBnB's in different areas all over the city, trying to find the area of the city we liked the most. It was quite grueling, but very worth it. Brentwood was the winner. In June, we rented a cute, little townhouse in Brentwood that has both a library and a Whole Foods within walking distance, among other things.

But between the constant moving, house hunting, furniture buying, cooking, cleaning, taxi-ing Anders to various activities, and the other normal busy-ness of life in Los Angeles, it has been quite a whirlwind. Brentwood is by far my favorite place that I have ever lived in LA, but man do I miss the farm!

Anyway, I can't wait to catch you all up on everything I have been learning. Hopefully I will have time to write more soon. At the very least the update on Anders's education will be out.

Last note, I have been fairly decent during the last few months about posting interesting articles on my Facebook page, Raising Children is an Act of Philosophy and conversations with Anders on my personal page. So if you want some interesting things to think about in the mean time, check those out.

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  1. Sounds like you're living the live! Of course everything takes a backseat while your raising your children; enjoy it while it lasts!