Monday, June 4, 2012

How to be Physically Heroic - Part 2

One of the main barriers people have to getting healthy is that they are not Libertarians. Non-Libertarians believe the government is looking out for them. They believe that if it weren't safe, there would be a law against it. They believe they don't have to do their own research. They believe their health is some else's responsibility.

Libertarians, on the other hand, know better than to trust the government with their health. They know that the USDA is about as efficient as congress and about as moral as the CIA. Libertarians think for themselves and take responsibility for their lives. They know their body is their tool for survival and without it they will literally die. They read my last post and they know that Libertarians should be the healthiest demographic.

And yet... they're not. There are too many unhealthy Libertarians drinking the government kool-aid and not even aware of it. It's usually fed to them on government-Hollywood propaganda television that feature healthy people who are annoying, whiny, usually depressed and who suffer from various forms of being anal ("oh no, I can't eat gluten!") "Healthy" people on TV usually dress like hippies and are exceptionally hairy. Interestingly enough they often have colds and are a little overweight. Or they are overly perky and hyper. Either way, they are not characters to be envied; they are not glorious examples of life thriving; they are not presented as heroes. Healthy people are presented as people to be laughed at and not taken seriously.

The result is that many otherwise-rational Libertarians fail to value health. They fail to realize that no one is looking out for them and everything is stacked against them--the government wants them to be sick and fat.

Sick citizens are much more concerned with getting better or getting through the day than fighting for freedom. Sick citizens will spend everything they earn on medical care and they are too tired to do anything but watch television at the end of the day.

Fat citizens consume extra food. Then they spend money in the diet and exercise industries as they struggle to lose the weight they gained from eating that extra food. If they succeed they spend money on new clothes. If they fail that's great because the US food industry produces 8000 calories per person per day. Someone has to eat all those extra calories.

Fat citizens are also great citizens because they are likely to feel poorly about themselves. People with low self-esteem are less likely to fight paternalistic legislation. People who have no self-control over food are more easily convinced that human beings have no self-control in general and therefore they need a government to keep them in control.

Being fat is also very hard on the human body. So fat citizens will likely turn into sick citizens. Chu-ching $$$. 

It's not easy to make an entire population sick and fat and then keep them that way. You have to actively make bad choices on a regular basis to be unhealthy. Your body wants to be healthy and tries to be. Being healthy is normal. So what is the key? What is the number one magic trick that keeps Americans sick and fat?

They have forgotten that "genetically we have the same bodies and nutritional needs as our hunter-gatherer ancestors" says fellow Libertarian, Randall Fitzgerald in The Hundred Year Lie. "Whole foods and industrial foods are the only two food groups I'd consider including in any useful food 'pyramid'," Gyorgy Scrinis is quoted as saying in In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.

When Wonderbread first came out it couldn't be called bread. It was called "imitation bread". Just like American Cheese was called "imitation cheese". The laws changed and now 99% of what is sold in grocery stores is toxic chemicals posing as food. Don't eat it.

If you stopped eating pretend food you would never struggle with your weight again. You cannot overeat food. You get too full. It's easy to eat 2000 calories of chips, soda and cookies in one sitting, but try doing that with food. Try eating 2000 calories of steak, potatoes, asparagus and sprouted whole grain rolls. It's impossible. You get too full. 

Eat things made by nature. Eat things your body evolved to eat, things that have been tested out on the human body for thousands of years with success. 

If you make that one change, to only eat food, you will notice a dramatic difference in your health.

To delve a little deeper into Libertarian nutrition, proceed to part 3.

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