Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Most Objectively Beautiful Home & A Peek at the World I Worked In

Of all the homes I worked in during my ten year stint working with the children of the wealthy, this was the most objectively beautiful. What a pleasure it was to just walk around and marvel at the beauty that man is capable of creating!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

British Airways Crushes United in Customer Service: A Tale of Two Airlines Cancellation Procedures

Tom, Anders, and I have been traveling around the UK for the past two weeks. We were scheduled to fly home on Wednesday, February 28th. Anders and I were scheduled to fly home on British Airways. Tom was to fly home on United/Aer Lingus. Both of our flights were to leave Edinburgh around 11:30am.

The night before our departure, before the storm hit, I got a text message from British Airways telling me my flight was canceled, and I was welcome to reschedule for any available flight over the next week. Anders and I were very excited for the chance to play in the snow, so we rescheduled our flight for Friday, March 2. Tom had received no communication from United, so he went to the airport at 9:30am on Wednesday morning as planned.

Tom was told his flight was going to go ahead. But then there was a forty-five minute delay. And another forty-five minute delay. And another. And another. Tom sat in the airport waiting for over six hours. His plane didn't leave until 4pm. Naturally he missed his connecting flight in Dublin and then had to spend three hours waiting at the Dublin airport to get his bag. At the end of a very long day, he checked into a hotel for the night.

Anders and Roslyn spent Wednesday playing in the most epic snowstorm ever with about a hundred local teenagers, sledding down Carlton Hill on trash bags, cardboard boxes, and kitchen pans while someone blasted "Let it Snow" on their phone and everyone wished each other a "Merry Christmas."

Thursday was very similar for Anders and Roslyn, except it was even more fun and even more epic. Thursday was very similar for Tom too. His plane was supposed to depart the Dublin airport at 1:30pm but was repeatedly delayed like the day before. He is now, finally, in the air and headed for Los Angeles.

But I wanted to post this because I read that British Airways had aggressively canceled their flights because of the storm, but it was written as if that was a bad thing, and I wanted to say - thank you British Airways. It is so much more decent to cancel a flight than to make someone sit at the airport all day!