Friday, December 30, 2016

My Favorite Homeschool Curriculums

*The age listed is the age the program would be started. Most of the programs go through eighth grade.

Age 0-3
-Start teaching self-control with RIE method "not in your mouth" classes as soon as the baby can put things into it's mouth.
-Follow the Montessori puzzle series from
-Read books starting around nine months--only books based in reality, no fantasy yet!

Age 2-4
The Kumon workbook series for this age

When child shows interest: Phonics Pathways 
When child can write: Explode the Code workbook
Age 6: McGuffy Readers

age 5 or 6: Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

age 7: Sequential Spelling

age 6: First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind series
age 10: Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind
age 10: Editor in Chief workbook series

age 6-8 Writing with Ease
age 9: Writing & Rhetoric

age 9: Vocabulary from Classical Roots

age 3 or 4: Kumon program (in the center)
age 3-6: Montessori math puzzles
When child hits level A in Kumon: Primary Mathematics (Singapore)
When child hits level A in Kumon: Rays New Math series
When child hits level A in Kumon: Mad Minute work book

Age 4: Critical thinking company logic workbook series

Age 6: Daily Science Workbook, supplement all chapters with YouTube videos and documentaries
Documentaries on every subject of interest


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