Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to be Physically Heroic - Part 1

"Healthy" is such an overused and misused word that in order for this post to be clear, I must first address its definition.

When I say something is healthy I mean it promotes life. When I refer to your healthy choices, I am referring to the choices you make that enable and support your body to go on living. When I say something is unhealthy I mean it promotes death. When I refer to your unhealthy choices, I am referring to the choices you make that sentence your body to struggle, have problems and eventually succumb to them. 

Just as a whole hoard of Americans believe they are free (when the opposite is true), a whole hoard of Americans believe they are healthy--when the opposite is true. "Free" and "healthy" have been expertly redefined. For this post to be clear, I must also address what it looks like to be a healthy person.

Healthy people don't get sick. You might believe that "don't get sick" means "don't get sick often." You might believe that healthy people still get a cold every now and then, maybe once or twice a year. This is not what I mean. I mean: healthy people don't get colds ever. They don't get the flu ever. They don't own Tylenol or Ibuprofen because they can't think of a time when they needed them--not because they're super tough and just deal with the headaches, not because they are insensitive and don't notice the headaches, but because they don't get headaches.

You might believe someone can be healthy but have skin problems. You might believe that acne isn't a sign of poor health, it's an uncontrollable hormone imbalance and it's normal to have it during certain periods of your life. This is not the case. People who are healthy don't have acne or other skin problems. They don't have hormone imbalances.

You might believe someone can be healthy but have cavities. This is not the case. The condition of your teeth are directly linked to your overall health.

You might think that being at a healthy weight after a successful diet is a sign of good health. This is not the case either! Healthy people never need to diet. They live at a healthy weight without even thinking about it.

Most importantly, healthy people feel great. They are not sluggish or foggy or cranky and they only suffer from mood swings on April 15th.

How awesome does it sound to be healthy!? Wouldn't you love to feel great all the time and never worry about catching colds? Never worry about your weight? Never buy expensive skincare treatments or spend money on doctor's appointments and medications?

Everything in life--love, work, adventures--is more enjoyable and satisfying when you feel great. And because you feel great: you do better at work, you're easier to get along with, you're happier, you attract higher quality people. So not only is everything about your life more enjoyable, success is easier to come by... which makes your life even more enjoyable.

Taking care of your body is an ode to your love of life. Valuing your health highest above all values is an affirmation that you deserve to be alive and you deserve all the wonderful things life has to offer.

The opposite is also true. Nothing in life can be enjoyed without good health. Work isn't fun when you're blowing your nose every three minutes. You can't enjoy a good conversation when your head is pounding. You can't enjoy a foreign country when you're too tired to leave your hotel room. Most marriages don't survive major illnesses.

So why do people settle for subpar health? Well, most people are irrational drones. They will waste their lives feeling like crap and their money fixing things that shouldn't be broken in the first place. That makes sense. But unhealthy Libertarians, Objectivists or Anarchists? That is sacrilege.

You can't fight for freedom if you're not feeling well. You can't think clearly and rationally if your brain is foggy. You won't have the energy to outsmart the government if you're busy trying to manage your diabetes.

I don't understand those who claim that they are happy and love being alive and yet don't value the very thing that gives them life--their body. I don't understand how people who think they are rational can claim to have self-esteem and to love themselves and then proceed to poison their bodies, to seek death. Whether they are actively seeking death but unconscious of their wishes or just seeking death by not paying attention this post is for them, my dear Libertarian friends, who have a passion for freedom and life but haven't realized yet the extent to which they must fight for it... or those who have settled for mediocrity and could use a kick in the pants.

Dear Mediocre Libertarians, You are supposed to be rational. Rational people know that to say, "The way I eat is bad for my health, but--" means they are not living consciously. They are denying the reality of the choices they are making. If they allowed themselves to be conscious of those choices, they would have to make better ones. Can people who deny reality really call themselves Libertarians? I don't think so. Love, Roslyn

If you seek life, proceed to part 2.

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