Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Baby Never Spit Up Unless...

I read in The Continuum Concept (terrible book but a few interesting anecdotes about a South American "stone age" tribe of Native Americans) that the babies the Yequana don't spit up. I was happy to read this as babies spitting up half of their valuable calories never made evolutionary sense to me. I always assumed it had to do with the way we eat and at least for my baby, I was right.

I follow the Weston A. Price way of eating (as stone-age as I can manage) and my baby never spit. On the rare occasion that he did spit up (about once a week) I wrote down the things I had eaten that day. Here is the list of things that made my baby spit up:

Think Thin bars and Kind bars
All candy
Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting I made at home
Deli meat (all deli meat, including the nitrate-free, organic stuff I buy)
Hot cocoa made by restaurants but not hot cocoa made with raw milk and honey I make at home
He also spit up after I ate at restaurants almost 100% of the time regardless of what I ordered. He did not spit up from many of the purer salads from Hugo's so after a while I just stuck to those. 

Health Note - Coffee

I treat myself to a cup of coffee about once a month. I have known for a long time that 3-5 days after I treat myself to that single 8oz cup, I will have a minor breakout (acne). It was always a tradeoff. But recently I have noticed something else: 3-5 days later I will also have a "dead day," a day where I get nothing done and just lay around and stare at the wall feeling useless and often depressed. I never made the connection before but now it is pretty clear that coffee is a "rob Peter to pay Paul" situation--the energy I use up when I have my cup of coffee on Saturday comes directly out of my Wednesday energy stores....