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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Non-Coercive Parenting: When My Toddler Bangs on the Table

When my eighteen-month-old bangs on the dining room table during a meal, I bang with him! This delights him and we often invent some pretty cool rhythms. The banging usually lasts for one to five minutes and it creates a fantastic connection between us. It also brings me into the present moment--banging on the table is an activity that, surprisingly, I find enjoyable.

Because banging on the table is a fun activity we do together, my son has been 100% cooperative (so far) about the times I prefer we don't bang on the table--like when we are at restaurants. On rare occasions at home I also request that we don't bang on the table--like when I have company over. Most of the people I have over enjoy banging on the table with my son as much as I do. More people makes it even more fun! But some people don't.

Because banging on the table is an accepted activity, my son has also allowed me to teach him how I prefer we bang on the table (flat sides of forks and spoons so as not to damage the wood).