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Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review - The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: A Chronological Paper Trail

This book can be summarized well with a loose quote from the preface: if a child can read, write and compute at a reasonably proficient level, he will be able to do just about anything he wishes with his life, able to control his destiny. Because providing such basic proficiencies is not and should not be an expensive or complicated proposition, it becomes obvious that it is only a radical social agenda to brainwash our children that is the costly proposition--and complicated to hide what's really going on.

I couldn't put this book down. But I don't think it is for everyone. It's extremely important and wow, what an immense amount of work and knowledge the author provides! But it's not easy reading. It's a paper trail of extremely annoying political writing and over-complicated attempts by person after person to first appeal to someone's emotional rather than rational brain and then slip in some tricky language so that everyone agrees with whatever he says. So... totally obnoxious annoying shit. But sometimes fun if you enjoy the puzzle. And just mostly horrifying. I have never wanted to leave this country more.

Crazy how the government documents would have me convinced for fifty pages that the idea came from a good place and would do some good for the kiddies (like getting rid of grades and apprenticeships) but then how it turns out to be totally evil.

When the government pushes for "no grades" what they are really pushing for is a different kid of grade, grading on things the government values. So instead of grades that measure work, the "grade-free" report cards are all about a student's timeliness, attitude, effort, cooperation, responsiveness to authority, etc. This is NOT what I think of when I think of "no grades." So here are the characteristics that a totalitarian government wants in its citizens. These are the traits that will get you ahead, get you into the good schools, the good jobs--not brain power, but obedience. The more obedient will be rewarded with jobs that give them power. It's brilliant. And totally Hiter-esque.

In the 90's teachers were required in almost all public schools to make behavior part of the kids grade--whether the teacher wanted to or not. It's all about baby steps.

When government pushes for "apprenticeships", it sounds so good! I totally support apprenticeships! That's what I want for my son! But reeeeally, when you make apprenticeships part of the school program, you put the government in control of jobs. Kids and parents aren't out there looking for an apprenticeship that their child wants, the government decides what the kid gets based on his grades in school (and remember his most important grade is obedience). A few more baby steps and now you can only get a license to work as a baker if you have done an apprenticeship and you can't get an apprenticeship with the government... the government controls the jobs and we are a communist country.

I used to think that the schools had been taken over by the Democrats and that's why most people couldn't graduate from college without becoming a liberal, now I know that I was really on to something--the schools were taken over by behaviorists (on the payroll of Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller) with a brainwashing agenda to make the US fascist/socialist a long long time ago.

The fact that it took so long to shows the weaknesses of behaviorism and the strength of our old values. But baby steps, money, patience, "research" and 100 years and our country is pretty much socialist (but we call it freedom here!) Politics will follow ideologically. Don't worry about today's men. Just take over the schools, brainwash the kids and everything will fall into place!

I am super curious about brainwashing now. Fascinating that what is taught does not matter as much as how it is taught. It is the methods that make people automatons who cannot think for themselves, not the subject matter.

That's the problem with brainwashing and socialism and government--as long as you agree with what they are doing to everyone else, it's great! "Make them dumb religious folk turn to science! This country would be a much better place if we all supported abortion, gay marriage and evolution!" I can just hear people I know cheering. But then when those in power decide to "Make them horrible rebels send their kids to public brainwash school, make them horrible hippies vaccinate their babies, make them dissenters take mood-altering drugs, make people eat what we tell them to eat..." WHY DON'T PEOPLE SEE THIS? It's all the same! It doesn't matter what you are MAKING people do, it doesn't matter how good you think it will be for them or the world, the problem IS the MAKING.

Dear Would-Be Socialist Dictators, please read Non Violent Communication and Choice Theory. And John Locke. There IS another way. We don't actually all have to agree on ANYTHING except to respect each other.

My biggest complaint about this book is that I wish Charlotte wrote more. I want to know more of her thoughts about education and solutions. And, I don't need such a long paper trails. One or two documents per category would have been fine. And I gotta say, I wouldn't have minded if she held my hand a little more. This book is like Iserbyt got out here file of evidence and published it. I would like her to write a new book with short chapters based around each regulation or educational platform rather than chronology. It could accompany this book so that when she refers to "Protect INSTRUCT" I can flip open this book and read a one page summary about project Instruct, who started it, who is pushing for it, what its real agenda is, etc.

And for parents like me who want to know what I concluded from this book without having to read it:
-absolutely no public school for your kids
-if you want to do private school, make sure the teachers are experts in their fields and do NOT have teaching credentials
-if you chose to homeschool, do not do it through the public system and be very careful about whatever system you choose. Probably best for you to be the teacher. Remember the quote at the top--with basic math, reading and writing skills your child will be able to do almost anything he wishes with his life. This is not a costly or complicated thing to teach your child.
-flee, flee the country. South America or Alaska.

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