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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Modern Nomad's Ideal Meal

My husband, who is NOT a foodie, wanted something super easy to basically live on while working sixteen hour days that would keep him healthy (a great balance of protein carbs and fat and 100% of all vitamins and minerals).

Here is the meal we came up with that he can keep in a little fridge at his office:

1 cup high quality raw kefir (Organic Pastures brand if you live in CA)
1 can high quality sardines with bones packed in tomato sauce 
1 thick slice whole grain sourdough bread (a l'ancien from Le Pain Quotidien is a good choice)
the bread spread with raw butter and high quality raw honey
1 cup of high quality bone broth
lemon water throughout the day

-swap sardines for 1 can oysters once a week
-swap sardines for 1 can high quality liver pate once a week
-snack on apples, avocados, oranges, hazelnuts, almonds, or brazil nuts on various days of the week
-take fermented cod liver oil high vitamin butter oil daily
-When he has lunch or dinner meetings: red meat and salads with carrots and spinach

This diet is "nutritionally perfect."

*Note that the nutritionally perfect (100% of all vitamins and minerals) is an extremely rare nutrition goal that no one pays enough attention to. Everyone who has told me they are super healthy, when I have put what they eat for a week into, I have never found someone who isn't deficient in quite a few vitamins and minerals. Overtime vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause serious health problems. I recommend that everyone do their own nutrition experiment to find out what areas of their diet they "naturally" lack in.

*Also note that it was my focus on meeting 100% of my RDA of every vitamin and mineral that led me to conclude that high fat diets are the way to go, as there is no way to meet nutrient needs of vitamins A, D, K and E without a significant amount of fat in the diet. Also, in trying to help my Paleo and vegetarian friends create nutritionally perfect meals for themselves I came to a very clear conclusions: the math simply doesn't work. These are not good diets, not if you don't want to be nutrient deficient eventually anyway. 

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