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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Your Plan for Eczema - Updated!

Wrote this for a friend of mine, figured I would share it with everyone else just in case you or your child suffer from eczema.

BUY - in order of importance:

1) A series of 3, high quality colonics (or more, depending on how your body reacts)

2) Drink slippery elm tea or American Saffron tea with every meal. Experiment to see which you prefer with which meal.

3) Take fermented Cod Liver Oil High Vitamin Butter Oil

-Eat fatty fish every day. And take your fermented cod liver oil
-I like the capsules that I can swallow. It says 2 on the back, but 6-9 capsules a day is their recommended dose.

4) Black Currant Seed Oil

5) Turmeric

-It's anti-inflammatory. You can also buy fresh, organic turmeric and make a tasty tea out of it. I drink this tea every day on the farm as we have more turmeric than we know what to do with! When I am traveling I take this:

6) Vitamin E

-I tried so many different vitamin companies before finding this one–the first vitamin e that doesn't make me break out and has made my skin gorgeous!

7) Zinc

8) Magnesium

9) Apple Cider Vinegar

10) Lotion

-Always have plenty on hand. People with eczema should never let their skin get dry. Lotion should be applied at least twice a day and always immediately after bathing or swimming.
-The best lotion for people with eczema is tallow with honey in it (and never plant based oils!) 
-This mom invented this particular lotion because of her daughter's terrible eczema!

11) Shampoo & Soap

-That is as pure as possible. Here is a good one:

12) An air purifier

-Eczema runs in families and is related to a certain gene. If you have this gene, you are also prone to developing asthma--and bad air can be a trigger for your eczema.
-Go to and check the air in your area. If it's a 7 or above keep your windows open.
-If you are stuck inside without open windows or if you live in an area with poor air, buy a high quality air purifier. Almost all air purifiers put terrible things into the air that they clean. So don't bother with one of those. Here are two quality air purifiers, the only 2 I know of:

13) A water purifier

-Chlorine is extremely irritating to the skin. Don't swim in chlorinated pools and don't shower in chlorinated water.

14) See a chiropractor

-Maybe your gut is out of alignment.


-Bathe daily and always bathe immediately after sweating.
-Always use lukewarm water, never hot.
-Baths are better than showers.
-Take a magnesium bath once a week. If you must shower, do a magnesium foot soak once a week.
-Use the non-irritating soap on your shopping list, wash hair and face.
-Do not rub skin dry. Gently pat.
-Apply lotion immediately after every time you bathe or swim and at least twice a day.
-Do steams

1) Vitamins with breakfast (adult dosage): 3 cod liver oils, 4 vitamin e, currant seed oil, zinc
2) Wash face with gentle soap and lukewarm water. Pat dry.
3) Tone: Mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 2 cups of water. Use cotton balls to put all over face. OR use turmeric bug. Either is fine.
3) Moisturize: with the tallow honey.

1) Vitamins with dinner (adult dosage): 3 cod liver oils, 4 vitamin e, turmeric 
2) Wash face with gentle soap and lukewarm water. Pat dry.
3) Tone: Mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 2 cups of water. Use cotton balls to put all over face. OR use turmeric bug. Either is fine.
3) Moisturize: with the tallow honey.


*Consider doing the GAPS diet. In my research on this I came across people who actually cured their eczema with this diet.

-Strawberries and citrus
-Nightshades (tomatoes, all peppers, and potatoes)
-Unfermented dairy
-Foods with chemicals, preservatives, and food colorings
-Soy and all its derivatives (You can eat fermented soy which means only tofu or soy sauce)
-Fast food. People who eat fast food regularly are like 4 times more likely to have eczema
-Food allergies. (You can experiment with eliminating certain foods to see if you have any)
-All alcohol except wine.

-Fatty fish every day. 
-Bone broth every day
-Gelatin every day
-Bacteria every day (kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut)
-Drink a liter of oolong tea every day.


-Certain clothing materials--buy high quality, natural fabrics
-Chemicals in new clothes--wash before wearing
-Chemicals in laundry detergents--use the mild, fragrance free stuff

-Sheets that are too rough or washed in bad things.

-Sweat is a trigger for many people. If you sweat during an activity, bathe.
-Dandruff can cause eczema. Keep yourself dandruff free and it will help keep you eczema free.

-Humidity helps. But humidifiers almost always put molds into the air. Use at your own risk.
-Sunscreen is a common irritant for eczema sufferers. The WAPF says sun is good for you and not to wear sun screen.
-Environmental allergies like dust, mold, pets, and pollens can trigger eczema probably due to the whole eczema-asthma connection. Get an air purifier. 
-Chlorine is a common eczema causer, get a water filter.

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