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Friday, December 30, 2016

My Favorite Homeschool Curriculums

*For those of you following Anders's education, here is an updated list of my favorite reading and math programs. I will keep it updated as I find new ones. The following programs should last all the way through 8th grade.

Reading: (starting at age 3)
Phonics Pathways (Hooked on Phonics is also fine)
Supplemented with Explode the Code workbook series (when comfortable with writing)
Read a lot of great books

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

Spelling (starting at age 7):
Modern Curriculum Press Spelling

Grammar (starting at age 7):
First Language Lessons, then
Hake Grammar (age 9)

Writing (starting at age 7):
The Complete Writer, then
Writing & Rhetoric (age 10)

Kumon (age 3)
Montessori math work (age 3-6)
Right Start Mathematics (starting at age 7)
Singapore Math (starting at age 7)

Yes, eventually, you do three math programs at the same time (Kumon, Right Start, and Singapore). One each day rotating or a little of each every day.

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