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I am happy to do consultations over the phone or Skype. My rate is $100/hr paid over PayPal. I am also happy to barter. If you are struggling financially and if I have the time, I will consider helping for a lesser fee.

I do still respond to all my emails--not sure how much longer I will be able to continue to do this. I get so many now that my response time (I respond to them in order) is generally six months to a year! So... if you want to hear from me sooner than that, put PHONE CONSULT as the subject and we will set up a time.


  1. I enjoyed your interview with Berwick. I thought that you may be interested in getting to know this gentleman:

    I would suggest that you check out his website as well. I went to one of his workshops a few weeks ago in Austin, Tx and it was quite interesting.

    1. I second the notion. I am reading "Flourish! An Alternative to Government and Other Hierarchies" by Robert E. Podolsky.

      Also, on parenting: "Liberated Parents, Liberated Children" recommended to me by N. Branden in the '70s and read by me many times.

  2. I became an atheist at 8 (1950), an anarchist at 12, an objectivist at 23. I would love to visit with my wife when you are ready. Will you be at FreedomFest? I go every year, also to Libertopia where I am a life member. I have the dream of living in a "Gulch". I have a lot of questions. I am a health nut, a chocoholic, an organic gardener since 1956 who is obsessed with the permaculture movement.