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Sunday, March 2, 2014

No Nightmares For Kids Raised In Reality

I was reading the following article--

and I thought it was so INSANE. Write a letter to the monster? Give your child a special toy to help him deal with his fears about the monster? WHY ARE YOU TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN WHO CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REALITY AND FICTION ABOUT MONSTERS IN THE FIRST PLACE? It's just mean.

In the world I live in, at some point between 8pm and 10pm my toddler tells me he wants to go to bed or I tell him I want to go to bed and.... we go to bed. He is not afraid of under the bed, the closet or the dark. He doesn't hesitate to walk around the house in the dark if there is something he wants in another room or to go outside when it is dark to get a toy he wants. He has had a total of three nightmares in his entire life and all three took place the week after we moved into a new house and they were about things like there being no more cookies or someone taking a toy from him. 

I listen to people talk about their children's nightmares and struggles with bedtime and irrational fears and... I feel so sad for them and for their poor, scared kids. I am happy to be raising my son the way I am!! So happy to keep discovering that a child raised the way I advised is even more amazing that I hypothesized! I wish people knew how easy and fun and just incredible and smart and capable and competent "normal" two-year-olds are. 

Update: Anders is almost 4 and he has yet to come running to my room after a bad dream. He sleeps with me some nights and in his own bed some nights. It's all up to him. During stressful times he sleeps more often with me. 

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